This is a 10-week transformational coaching program for women over 50 who want to create a second half of life where they reach their full mental and physical potential. Members reclaim motivation and energy, inner peace, confidence, and happiness, heal trauma, improve relationships, and create optimum health and longevity (and have a lot of fun doing it!)

* Spaces are limited. Enrollment is by invitation only to assure premium support and results. Click on the button below to schedule your free call to apply.

Program provides:

  • 3 Weeks of Private Coaching
  • Personal Nutrition Assessment and Plan, and 60-day supply of recommended nutrients
  • Unlimited Access and One-on-One Support from Coach Sue
  • 10 Weeks of Group Coaching
  • 10 Weekly Interactive Course Modules
  • Lifetime access to our secure client portal with modules, session recordings, recommendations, notes, and journals
  • Lifetime access to discounted professional-grade supplements and herbs through Coach Sue's Fullscript Online Dispensary.

This is for you if . . .

You are ready to learn how to CREATE your life rather than continue watching your LIFE to create YOU!

What are the criteria to qualify?

  • I must be 100% certain that you will get the results you want in 10 weeks or less.
  • You're honest, friendly, responsible, and an overall good person who values life.
  • You have a big "why" - a very important reason to move beyond current fears and limiting beliefs.
  • You have the courage and desire to step out of your comfort zone into growth.
  • You are ALL IN when it comes to doing what it takes, with support, to get your life back.

If we determine that all of the above IS YOU, we will invite you to enroll. You'll have the time of your life and never look back!

What results can I expect if I qualify and enroll?

In less than 10 weeks time, you will no longer experience chronic anxiety, chronic depression, life-disruptive menopausal symptoms or fatigue. Your body will become resilient - the stress in your life will no longer break you down. You will regain focus, motivation, energy, and a positive future vision. **Results ARE typical. Please click to view the Midlife Momentum Successful 7 Self-Contract to see what SEVEN things add up to YOUR SUCCESS.