There a few non-negotiable ground rules here.


We've got your back. We get to know you on that very first call and love you every step of the way thereafter! Change isn't easy, especially when your body is drained and your mind is going a zillion miles a minute. We're in it together, with the ultimate goal to see you thrive. Nothing less. We provide all the support you need to do exactly that.


We invite you to work with us only if we're 100% certain we can help you. You must be committed to show up for YOU, you must be coachable, and you must be ready and willing to let go of excuses and become resourceful. Your life is THAT important; it's the only one you have and we can't want your transformation more than you do!


You have unique needs and dreams. You're an individual with a story, and we're here to help you write your future "chapters", in step with the vision you have for your life. Together we build a plan that will empower you to create the calm, happy, and healthy ending you deserve. We support you every step of the way.


By the time women find us, most have tried just about everything to feel better, none of which has worked the way they had hoped. Here we've created an environment where the only thing that can stand between you and your success is ... YOU! When you follow through, peace of mind, confidence, and energy come naturally.

Meet Sue

Sue Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC is a Personal Empowerment Coach with a graduate degree in psychological counseling and professional certifications in holistic health and nutritional consulting. She began her career in the human potential field in the late 80s as an NCAA Division 1 tennis coach focused on motivational psychology and nutrition and then built upon that foundation in the field of organizational team-building and goal-setting.

Everything changed when Sue became a mom in 1998. As several years passed, she became increasingly tired, nervous, and “unsettled” inside. By her late 30s, not only was she exhausted and experiencing a myriad of disruptive hormonal and digestive symptoms, but anxiety hit her very hard and was beginning to rear its ugly head in her young son’s daily life too. 

Sue took a step back and decided that she could no longer accept pushing through each day and watching herself and her son live as only a fraction of who they wanted to be. She tapped into her previous experience and education while scouring updated research and investing tens of thousands of dollars in additional education until she was able to piece together her own success strategy. Now at 55 years of age, Sue feels better than she did in her 20s and 30s. Her son is now a thriving 22-year-old who loves to travel and is about to graduate magna cum laude from an Ivy League University. 

Sue now uses this same strategy every day to teach clients and their teen/young adult children how to resolve anxiety forever and experience peace of mind, confidence, and love life no matter what challenges they face.

"I love helping women and their teens go from living as a fraction of who they were born to be, to tapping into their greatest potential - truly loving themselves and their life from a place of calm, confidence, and courage. There's NOTHING better than that!"

Sue Hughes, Midlife Momentum/Empowered Teen Founder and Coach

Meet Our Team

Sue Hughes

Your Lead Mentor & Empowerment Coach

Sue is your guide throughout your journey, from beginning to end. Whether she's answering your questions or helping you bust through old limiting beliefs or teaching all you need to know to understand why you feel the way you do and exactly how to change it, Sue is committed to helping you unlock your greatest potential.

Coach Susan Elizabeth

Community Coach/Outreach

Known as "Coach S.E." to our members, Susan Elizabeth is your source of support within our online communities. "I LOVE watching women who began the program feeling fearful, tired, and defeated, step into the true essence of who they are in just a few short weeks. You can see it in their faces, and hear it in the way they speak. That's why I love what I do!"

Coach Eric

Clarity Coach/Enrollment

Eric knows, firsthand, what it takes to resolve anxiety, and his passion for helping others do just that is apparent. He helps prospective members get clear on what they want to achieve in order to determine whether we're a fit. "I love the feeling of helping people see and become the very best version of themselves. The trickle-down effect of that is beyond powerful!"