What would you do if you could overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and low energy without meds or therapy and finally gain control of your life and feel HAPPY again . . . and help your teen do that too? You CAN!


Meet Sue

Sue Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC is a Personal Empowerment Coach with a graduate degree in psychological counseling and professional certifications in holistic health and nutritional consulting. She began her career in the human potential field in the late 80s as an NCAA Division 1 tennis coach focused on motivational psychology and nutrition and then built upon that foundation in the field of organizational team-building and goal-setting.

Everything changed when Sue became a mom in 1998. As several years passed, she became increasingly tired, nervous, and “unsettled” inside. By her late 30s, not only was she exhausted and experiencing a myriad of disruptive hormonal and digestive symptoms, but anxiety hit her very hard and was beginning to rear its ugly head in her young son’s daily life too. 

Sue took a step back and decided that she could no longer accept pushing through each day and watching herself and her son live as only a fraction of who they wanted to be. She tapped into her previous experience and education while scouring updated research and investing tens of thousands of dollars in additional education until she was able to piece together her own success strategy. Now at 55 years of age, Sue feels better than she did in her 20s and 30s. Her son is now a thriving 22-year-old who loves to travel and is about to graduate magna cum laude from an Ivy League University. 

Sue now uses this same strategy every day to teach clients and their teen/young adult children how to resolve anxiety forever and experience peace of mind, confidence, and love life no matter what challenges they face.


A 10-Week Transformative Journey for Anxious Moms in Midlife

If you are an anxious and overwhelmed mom over 40 who feels stuck in a constant state of "survival" that's negatively impacting your happiness, peace, and purpose, follow the steps below to learn how we can help.

* Serious inquiries only. Space is limited.

Step 1

Watch our free Masterclass: "5 Steps to Conquer Anxiety and Reclaim Your Energy, Health, and Passion for Life."


Step 2

Join our free Facebook group for education and inspiration to help you show up as the best version of you for those who need you most.

Step 3

Schedule your free phone session with our team to discuss YOUR specific circumstances and create a gameplan for success.

Client Celebrations

Reclaiming your peace of mind, confidence, and passion for life after they've been missing for what seems like FOREVER is NO SMALL FEAT. But my clients accomplish this EVERY DAY and now they are showing up for life as the BEST version of themselves AND as healthy role models for the ones they love the most!

"I feel so good! I am remembering entering this endeavor feeling exhausted most of the time and unsure what was happening to my body. I am feeling so much better. My energy is back, my drive is back, my life is back!"

"My dizzy spells are gone, my hair isn’t falling out anymore, and I no longer feel depleted when I help others! I'm thrilled!"

A message from a client's husband: “THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart for giving me my wife back!! Thank you for putting the sparkle back in my wife's eyes and the smile back on her face!”

"Sue showed me how to heal from the inside out, in a structured way, that was simple yet required dedication and hard work on my part, which has paid off! This program has been the best investment I have ever made in myself."

"My 'lackluster libido' has begun to show momentum in the luster direction! "I actually initiated intimacy with my husband for the first time in 8 yrs!! This is huge! My husband says he really has been seeing positive changes in me and our relationship!" 

"I am so very grateful to Sue, the other coaches, and the other women in this program for their support! I get so much out of the teachings and the videos and truly feel as if you are always right on spot and speak right to my heart! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and light with me and others!" 

"I am celebrating that I finally reached out for help and realized that this is the only life I have and it does me no good to waste it feeling miserable. I’m committed to showing up happier and healthier!"

"I’ve made so many changes and noticed so many positive differences in my energy and my symptoms over the past couple of months in the program that I am excited to say I’m joining the graduates’ group!"

"I’m so happy to say that I'm sleeping like a log. I was waking up numerous times a night (starting at 3 AM) and would feel exhausted in the morning. I have hope!"

"Feeling energized enough to begin exercising again.  So good!  I even lost 5 ½ pounds this week!  How did that happen?!" 

"My stress level and blood pressure were through the roof. Now I feel like a different person. Sue is a Godsend."

"I completed the first week’s module and I already feel better!"

"My best friend asked me last week if I’ve been seeing a counselor! She said that I’m like a totally new person. I carry myself with more confidence and I stick up for myself more. She said I just seem more comfortable in my own skin now. This program has made a big difference in how I feel and obviously how I’m coming off to others. When I first started I thought if I fixed my physical problems, I’d feel better emotionally. I had that backward!”

"I’m celebrating taking this step in my life to get the real “me” back. I felt like I was in the middle of the ocean without a sail, without a compass, without a map. Now I feel like I have all of those tools and as soon as I made the decision to enroll, I felt better!"

"I have more energy! This is the first weekend that I didn’t feel exhausted at the end of it, even though we had more activity this weekend than normal. I had forgotten what it felt like to have a social life without suffering!"

"One of my very best friends told me this week that I have been an inspiration to her and her own pursuit of better health. She said I am like a different person lately, not that the old me was bad but it’s like I’m just more excited about life and that’s been affecting, in a good way, how she’s been feeling. She’s not typically one to give compliments or share her feelings, so this meant a lot to me and motivated me to stay the course!"

"I have lost almost 5 pounds since the first couple of weeks of the program. My migraines have dissipated and I have more energy; as a matter of fact, I get going in the morning and keep going until 9 o’clock at night doing something!" 

"I have learned from my experience & realize I have 3 choices: 1. I can let it define me; 2. I can let it destroy me (this is where I was a year ago); 3. Or, I can let it strengthen me. I have chosen door #3! I feel the courage to move forward & no longer feel the fear that paralyzed me in the past."

"I’ve completed all of the modules and committed to all of the recommendations since I started the program. Everything about me has changed for the better! Now I’m actually excited to experience the second half of my life!"

It's time to shine your brightest light.